Fundraisers for Middle Schools and Junior High

SellCandy Fundraisers Help Middle Schools and Junior Highs Flourish

The donations you collect during your SellCandy fundraiser can be used to pay for various academic necessities and activities, including:

Field Trips

Funding educational outings and experiences that enhance learning.

Learn More: Fundraising for School Field Trips

Extracurricular Activities

Supporting clubs, sports teams, and other student groups.

Technology Upgrades

Purchasing computers, tablets, or software for classrooms.

Library Resources

Expanding the school library’s collection of books and materials.

Art Supplies

Providing materials for art classes and creative projects.

Science Equipment

Purchasing scientific instruments and lab materials.

Musical Instruments

Acquiring instruments for music programs and bands.

Sports Equipment

Buying sports gear and uniforms for athletic teams.

STEM Programs

Supporting science, technology, engineering, and math initiatives.

Environmental Initiatives

Supporting sustainability and eco-awareness projects.

Cultural Enrichment

Bringing in speakers or organizing cultural events.

Teacher Professional Development

Providing training and resources for educators.

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Initiatives

Supporting PTA-led projects.

Learn More: Fundraising for PTAs and PTOs

Emergency Preparedness

Creating safety plans and acquiring emergency supplies.

School Beautification

Funding projects to improve the school’s appearance.

Anti-Bullying Programs

Supporting initiatives to promote a safe school environment.

Parent Education

Providing workshops and resources for parents.

Inclusive Education

Supporting programs for students with diverse needs.

School Supplies

Providing supplies for students who need assistance.

Technology for Remote Learning

Ensuring access to technology for virtual or remote learning.

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