Getting Started with Candy Fundraisers

Maximize Your Fundraising Profits

Candy Fundraisers are becoming more popular throughout schools and organizations in the United States. Why is this the case? Because they are great money makers! Youth groups, performing arts groups, sports groups and schools are only some of the idea prospects for a candy bar fundraiser. While many youth groups have basic knowledge of how this type of fundraising works, but only few truly understand how to maximize all the potential profit a candy bar fundraiser has to offer. There is no talent required to participate in our candy fundraisers. The popular name brand and premier selection does all the selling for you! All of our candy selections include the most popular candy bars that everyone loves!

Candy fundraising may be the perfect and easiest way to gather school groups together for your fundraising event, and the reason being that most school kids will usually have a dollar or two to buy the candies. Candy bars are irresistible, they provide the highest level of sweetness, and hence they can be used to attract those school kids. Here are some other tips that can help you double your Candy Fundraiser campaign.

#1: Get Your Candies from Fundraising Kit Supplier

Perhaps the best possible way to get the best price bargain is to purchase candy kits from suppliers who support fundraising events and provide the most delicious candies you can ever find.

#2: Prepare Your Volunteer Sales Force

Your volunteer sales force must have tasted some of the candies before they start the fundraising campaign. Even if your sales team don’t wear uniform, they can tie a ribbon around their neck or make use of badges, just to create an identity for themselves. Your sales volunteer must have candy volume selling target, and try as much as possible to arrange them in peers as it becomes easier for volunteers to perform much better when they work within a group than individually. Let them rehearse their sales pitch- this could be a short two-sentence proposition to their potential customers. They should learn to smile and believe in their power to convince people on the reason they should buy the candies.

#3: Choose the Type of Candy to Sell

Now that you have assembled your Candy Fundraiser volunteers, it is time to determine what type of candies you want to sell. This step may come as your first or second step because it is important to know the type of candies that appeal to the students or community, however, you may not know this until you sample some candy fundraiser kits.

#4: Execute Your Sales Strategy

You don’t want anyone to be left out of this fundraising, hence you need a strategy, especially on where to start and where to end. It I always good to have an estimate of the population of the community, and purchase more than necessary (you can always come back and resell the remaining). Do not be afraid of selling to strangers, restricting yourself to member of a particular high school or college community for instance, can reduce your sales margin, however, the more people you meet, the higher your sales leverage and profit.

#5: Choose Your Candy or Fundraising Kit Supplier with Caution

There is no harm shortlisting some Candy Fundraiser suppliers , and they call the top 3 kit suppliers to get the final pricing and quotes. You need to keep in mind that the cheapest kit supplier is not usually the best option, there must be a reason why other kit suppliers raise their prices slightly above average. Make sure you do a thorough investigation before you eventually settle for the Candy Fundraiser kit supplier of your choice.