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How SellCandy Supports Your Fundraiser

For over two decades, SellCandy has helped organizations across the country meet their fundraising goals thanks to our easy and smooth process. 

It will be nearly effortless for your team to sell delicious candy for your cause, whether it be for your school choir, sports team, church groups, or school clubs. 

SellCandy is ready to help you kick off your fundraiser and guide you through the entire simple process today. 

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SellCandy’s New Candy Canisters: What’s Inside?

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, we have some good news for you over at SellCandy!

In addition to all of our delicious candies, we are introducing three new sweets that are sure to make potential buyers’ mouths water and quickly line up to support your fundraiser. 

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose SellCandy for Your Next Fundraiser

If you’re looking for an organization to help you launch your fundraiser, look no further than SellCandy. With over 20 years of experience, we are committed to helping people reach their fundraising goals, making the entire process efficient and quick. 

Whether you are raising money for your school band or church group, SellCandy ensures you a successful fundraiser. 

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Coming Soon! New Katydids Fundraising Packages

Katydids delicious candies are beloved by children and adults all over America. At SellCandy Fundraising, we have always offered Katydids to supply organizations and groups with sweets and treats that would help raise money for their causes.

We are excited to announce that we will soon carry exclusive Katydids Sweet Sleeves, making it even easier for you to raise money!

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Raising Money for School Sports Programs

School sports programs teach students teamwork, discipline, leadership, and many other valuable skills. Unfortunately, school sports programs throughout America lack the funding needed to provide teams with equipment and other necessary items. A successful fundraiser can raise the money required to keep school sports programs running at full throttle. At SellCandy Fundraising, we specialize in providing schools and other organizations with fundraising solutions that work.

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Victory Is Sweet With SellCandy Fundraising!

At SellCandy, we provide athletic programs throughout the US with effective fundraising solutions! Offering various mouthwatering treats, including America’s Favorite Candy in a Tin, we give you everything you need to raise the money your cause deserves.

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Fundraising for School Sports Equipment

Depending on the sport, outfitting a single athlete can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars. A successful fundraiser can garner the money necessary to outfit school sports teams with protective gear and uniforms.

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Crossing the Funding Finish Line

Raising money for school athletics programs is not always an easy task. SellCandy Fundraising provides school athletics programs throughout America with the tools necessary for a successful fundraising campaign. Learn more about how SellCandy can help your school athletics program cross the funding finish line.

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Supporting Scholar Athletes Through Fundraising

Fundraising campaigns can encourage students to excel in both academics and athletics. SellCandy Fundraising has supported scholar athletes for over 20 years, helping schools and communities throughout the US.

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Bridging the Gap Between Funding and School Sports

The funding required to adequately support school athletics programs is usually not fulfilled by school budgets.

This is why financing school athletic programs can be challenging. Fundraising efforts can bridge the gap between a successful school sports program and the financial resources necessary to support it.

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