Candy Fundraising Tips & Ideas

Fundraising for Early Childhood Education Programs

Early childhood education programs such as nursery school and pre-k often struggle to stay financially afloat. And as one of the integral building blocks of academics, quality early childhood education programs are vital. Fortunately, SellCandy offers fundraising solutions that help supplement their budgetary needs. Fundraising with America’s Favorite Candy in a Tin can bring in up to 50% profit while simplifying how your community can support your cause.

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Fundraising for High School Sports Programs

In many places, high school sports teams are more popular than professional sports teams. High school sports programs also promote team building, leadership skills, community engagement, and many other valuable benefits.

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Fundraising for School Bands and Music Programs

School budgets do not always provide sufficient funding for high school, middle school, and even elementary school bands. SellCandy makes running a successful fundraising campaign easy, giving your school music program the money necessary to achieve its financial goals.

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