Fundraising for School Field Trips

School field trips pull students out of the classroom, providing them with firsthand experiences that expand their knowledge while having fun. Unfortunately, school budgets cannot always cover the costs of educational field trips.

That’s where SellCandy comes in! At SellCandy, we provide schools with all the tools necessary to run a successful fundraiser to fund their next field trip.

Fundraising for High School Field Trips

  • Museums (Art, Science, History)
  • Zoos and Aquariums
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Historic Sites and Landmarks
  • Theaters or Performing Arts Centers
  • Wildlife Preserves
  • Educational Farms or Ranches
  • State or National Parks
  • Cultural Festivals or Events
  • Historical Reenactments
  • Universities or College Campuses
  • Manufacturing or Industrial Tours
  • Government Buildings (Capitol, City Hall)
  • Environmental Centers
  • Historical Tours (Walking, Bus, or Boat)
  • Community Service Projects
  • Business or Corporate Tours
  • Professional Sports Games or Stadium Tours
high schooler at a history museum on a field trip

Going Beyond the Classroom – The Benefits of High School Field Trips

Career Exploration

High school students can explore a broader range of career options, considering more specialized professions and industries.

Civic Engagement

Engaging in community service projects, volunteering, and learning about social responsibilities.

Future Planning

Exploring potential colleges, universities, and vocational programs to plan for higher education and careers.

Advanced Cultural Appreciation

Developing a deeper understanding of cultural nuances and global interconnectedness.

Hands-On Research Opportunities

Conducting field research, interviews, and data collection for academic projects.

Networking and Mentoring

Connecting with professionals who can provide guidance on academic and career pursuits.

Advanced STEM Exploration

Engaging in in-depth experiments, demonstrations, and discussions in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Experiential Leadership

Applying leadership skills in real-life scenarios and activities.

elementary school student outside of a planetarium

Fundraising for Elementary School Field Trips

  • Zoo or Aquarium
  • Children’s Museum
  • Science Center
  • Planetarium
  • Farm
  • Nature Reserve or Park
  • Fire Station or Police Station
  • Historical Site
  • Theater or Puppet Show
  • Library Visit
  • Local Businesses
  • Beach or Lake
  • Petting Zoo
  • Nature Center
  • Local Landmark
  • Baking or Cooking Workshop
  • Veterinary Clinic

The Benefits of Elementary School Field Trips

Hands-on Learning

Interactive experiences that go beyond classroom lessons.

Real-world Application of Knowledge

Connecting what’s learned in elementary school to the outside world.

Enhanced Engagement and Interest

Sparking enthusiasm for learning through new experiences.

Exposure to New Environments

Introducing elementary school students to diverse settings and places.

Cultural and Historical Understanding

Learning about history, heritage, and different cultures.

Social Skills Development

Practicing communication and teamwork with peers.

Sensory Learning and Exploration

Engaging multiple senses for deeper understanding.

Promoting Respect for Rules and Guidelines

Learning to follow instructions outside school.

Bridging Classroom Learning with Real Life

Linking academic subjects to everyday experiences.

Encouraging Lifelong Learning

Inspiring a continued curiosity and love for learning.

Start Fundraising for Your Upcoming School Field Trip

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