Fundraising for High School Marching Bands

High school marching bands typically have between 100 and 200 student members. Adequately supporting such a large number of high schoolers can be costly. SellCandy fundraisers help high school marching bands gather the money to bring their musical education to new horizons.

The Benefits of Fundraising for Your High School Marching Band

Holding a fundraiser for your high school marching band can benefit the band, the school, and your community.

Financial Support for Equipment

Funding helps purchase instruments, uniforms, and necessary gear.

Travel Opportunities

Supports participation in competitions, parades, and performances.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Can provide assistance for high school marching band members in need.

School Spirit

Elevates school pride through engaging halftime shows and other events.

Extracurricular Balance

Encourages a balance between academics and the arts.

College and Career Prospects

Enhances resumes and applications for higher education.

high school marching band

Lifelong Appreciation for Music

Nurtures a lasting love for music and the arts.

Positive Reputation

Elevates the band’s reputation within the school and community.

Cultural Exchange

Offers opportunities to perform in diverse settings and regions.

Parent and Community Involvement

Engages families and local businesses.

Building Team Cohesion

Strengthens relationships among high school marching band members.

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