Fundraising for Choirs

Musical ensembles like choirs are a beloved part of many communities throughout the US. SellCandy has partnered with choirs nationwide, providing them with fundraising solutions that help their voices continue to be heard.

Fundraisers for All Types of Choirs

  • Children’s Choirs
  • Youth Choirs
  • School Choirs
  • Church Choirs
  • Community Choirs
  • Gospel Choirs
  • College/University Choirs
  • Chamber Choirs
  • Senior Citizen Choirs
  • Specialty Choirs (e.g., Jazz Choirs, Folk Choirs)
  • Special Needs Choirs
  • Regional/State Choirs
  • Competition Choirs
group of teenagers singing in choir

Different Ways Fundraising Can Benefit Your Choir

Sheet Music and Scores

Purchasing or licensing sheet music for performances.

Uniforms and Attire

Acquiring or maintaining choir robes, costumes, or attire.

Travel Expenses

Covering transportation, lodging, and meals for choir tours or competitions.

Recording and Sound Equipment

Purchasing recording equipment or paying for studio time.

Marketing and Promotion

Designing promotional materials and advertising performances.

Choral Workshops and Clinics

Attending workshops for skill enhancement.

Community Outreach

Funding events or programs to engage with the community.

Singer Scholarships

Providing financial aid to choir members.

Awards and Recognition

Trophies or awards for choir achievements.

Choral Camps or Retreats

Hosting or attending choir-focused camps or retreats.

Start Fundraising Today!

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