Fundraising for Performance and Drama Clubs

School performance and drama clubs encourage students to develop a love for the arts while providing the surrounding community with live entertainment. However, theatrical productions can be expensive, and school budgets are usually insufficient. At SellCandy, we make fundraising for your local performance or drama club easy.

How Can Fundraising Benefit School Performance and Drama Clubs?


Fundraising can help purchase or rent costumes for the cast, ensuring they have appropriate attire for their roles.


Acquiring or creating props that are essential for the play’s setting and storyline.

Set Design and Construction

Funds can go toward building and decorating the set, including backdrops, platforms, and scenery.

Lighting and Sound Equipment

Upgrading or maintaining lighting and sound systems for better overall production quality.

Makeup and Hair Supplies

Providing makeup and hairstyling products for performers’ transformations.

Microphones and Audio Gear

Ensuring that actors’ voices are heard clearly by the audience.

Program Printing

Creating programs that provide information about the production and cast.

Marketing Materials

Designing posters, flyers, and advertisements to promote the performance.

high school students sitting on stage rehearsing for a school play

Start Fundraising Today!

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