Spend Less & Raise More With SellCandy Fundraisers!

For some organizations, the thought of fundraising can be daunting, as in the past this activity had ended up taking up too much time, cost and energy to organize, while not providing the anticipated revenue.

At SellCandy, we have successfully helped groups meet their fundraising goals for over 20 years and have continued to refine our process so that it’s not only easy to manage but also a guaranteed seamless and supportive experience from beginning to end. Working with us takes out the guesswork as each step is detailed, and we are fully transparent in terms of product offerings, shipping costs, and more.

The secret to selling well and making money is tied into how productive the actual fundraising process is handled. We take pride in our ability to closely work with you and offer a variety of options which enable sellers to attract potential buyers, present our products in an attractive way and most importantly provide a process to order candy that is most convenient for each person.


We have a variety of easy-to-use selling methods that simultaneously offer the most profit. These all include fast shipping, so it’s easy to maintain your fundraising momentum. Sometimes buyers are tempted to place a second order since they get the first one so quickly!

  • Traditional sell sheet (we give you all that you need to take in-person orders efficiently)
  • Online – 100% Paperless Fundraising (for faraway folks who want to order/provide support)
  • Product options (sell tins or even cases of candy)

Contact us today to learn how you can raise more with SellCandy!

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