How to Put the FUN Back Into Fundraising

Often schools or organizations do the same fundraising program each year, which can lead to buyer fatigue and boredom by the teams doing the selling. You can re-energize your group by trying something new this year, and that’s selling candy!

There are a few ways you can help increase the visibility of your program while also having fun during the process:


  1. Conduct a poll at your school or organization before you start selling. Ask which of the SellCandy products are the most popular. Once you have garnered the results, share them with everyone so they can introduce that information when approaching prospective customers. It’s a great tool to use when you are meeting someone for the first time and asking them to make a purchase while simultaneously getting everyone excited about fundraising.
  2. Approach a local pizza parlor and ask if they will add an order form to each pizza box they deliver. Most are happy to participate since this helps to increase their sales at the same time, especially once the word gets out they are helping your organization with your fundraising. You can even bargain and have your top sellers get free pizza as a reward for raising the most!
  3. Have a video competition! It’s easy to make a short video on your phone. Have participants film themselves expressing why they love candy and announce they are doing a fundraising program. Post the top three videos on your organization’s social media platform and have people “like” the one they think is the best. Then you can announce the “fan favorite” while the winner gets free candy!
diverse group of people celebrating outside of building

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