SellCandy’s Top Tips to Make Your Fundraiser A Success!

At SellCandy, we have been in business for more than 20 years, allowing us to see how many different groups have approached their fundraising efforts. It’s always exciting for us when customers tell us success stories and how our delicious candy and fun packaging impacted their results. No matter what type of organization is selling our candy to raise money, here are some time-tested tips for success that we have gathered and are eager to share with you.

Whether you are part of a school, a sports team, a nonprofit, a fraternity, or another type of organization, you can use our tried and true processes to quickly raise funds for whatever your goal might be. A crucial component of any successful fundraising is the ability to inspire your members to get excited about the prospect of selling and give them the confidence that the product they are going to present is something that will attract both young and old buyers. Since having a sweet tooth knows no age limit, selling candy is the answer!

Have Fun While Making Money for Your Cause

Candy always seems to bring a smile to people’s faces, so make sure you are friendly and know about the merchandise you are selling so buyers will feel confident when placing an order with you. It’s always fun to have some friendly competition among your group while fundraising, but rather than being too competitive, share your success stories with your teammates so they can implement the selling tips that are working for you during the process. Always remember that you are all working together to achieve the same goal.

group of students fundraising

Finding Buyers

We have found that there is no shortage of people who like to buy candy, especially when colorful tins and name-brand products are involved. You may even meet people who will surprise you with the amount of candy they are willing to purchase! Since you can use our traditional sell sheets or offer our online ordering process, you can easily approach:


  • Friends (and friends of your family) eager to support you
  • Distant relatives (who always like to participate even if far away)
  • Neighbors (it’s a great way to say hi to people you have only been waving to up to now!)

An Easy-to-Use Process

When you first gather your group and decide to start a fundraising activity, it’s essential to make sure that everyone is not only excited, but are also very clear about the selling process and their individual roles. Sometimes, creating a one-page cover sheet unique to your organization detailing your fundraising goal and a step-by-step description of the process is helpful and works to prevent any confusion or missteps.


  • No matter the selling vehicle (traditional sell sheet vs. online ordering), review the steps needed so that everyone is confident about how to process an order.
  • Timing is everything. Be very clear as to when the selling period will start and finish.
  • Remind everyone how to get help if they have questions.
  • Be sure to clarify how the products will be delivered once the orders have been placed (distributed by the seller or delivered straight to the buyer’s door by SellCandy).
high fiving teachers

Quick Results

One thing that sets SellCandy apart is our focus on providing a seamless process from start to finish. There is no need to worry that your candy won’t arrive in a timely fashion as not only do we offer easy ordering, but we also provide quick delivery. Our products ship to you lightning-fast once your order is called in or placed online. We pride ourselves on consistently having fresh products that leave your customers wanting more…especially when their sweet tooth is involved.

One Last Thing…

You will earn up to 50% profit when you sell our merchandise, and with our high margins, it’s easy to make money. The most important tip is to continually reinforce to everyone the goal of the fundraising activity and how great it will feel to actually achieve it! You and your teammates will undoubtedly feel proud that you have all contributed to your cause.

Learn more about us and how we can help you get started and partner with you until our candy is delivered to your customer and your fundraising check is delivered to you!

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