How to Thank Your Candy Fundraiser Supporters

Your fundraising goals would never be met if it weren’t for your generous donors and supporters.

It is important to ensure that you extend your gratitude to all of those who made your fundraiser possible in the first place. 

Ways To Thank Your Candy Fundraiser Supporters 

In addition to providing them with some delicious candy, you can also thank your supporters by: 

  • Sending them a handwritten note: while this may seem unordinary, taking the time to compose your own thank you straight from your heart means more to people than we may think.
  • Have your organization make shout-outs: if your organization has a social media presence, shout out those who were kind enough to donate on your platforms.
  • Include supporters in updates: You can keep donors in the loop with regular updates on the fundraiser’s progress. Include them in the journey, showing how their support is making a difference.
  • Give them a phone call: similar to a handwritten note, a personalized phone call thanking your donors for their support is an appropriate gesture.
fundraiser supporters

Your Fundraising Journey Starts Here 

While organizing a fundraiser can be a lot of work, SellCandy helps make it easy, and it is all worth it in the end when your supporters contribute to your cause. 

Contact us today to launch your candy fundraiser.

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