SellCandy vs. Traditional Fundraising

At SellCandy, our experienced team members go above and beyond to ensure that you not only meet your fundraising goals but also that your donors and supporters can curb their sweet tooth while contributing to a good cause. 

Working with SellCandy to launch your ideal fundraiser will be an experience like no other. Unlike traditional fundraising, we offer assistance, motivation, and necessary tools that will guarantee success. 

Our team is readily available to offer our services to any organization or individual. 

At SellCandy, we help all kinds of people, whether they want to raise funds for their school, church, sports team, etc. Not only do we extend our services to organizations, but we are also prepared and happy to help you if you want to raise funds for a cause of your own. 

Our team members will help you determine how much candy you should order, how to best reach your target audience, how to organize your team of sellers, and much more. 

No fundraiser is too difficult or insignificant in our eyes.

We sell irresistible treats that supporters will be more than eager to buy. 

While most fundraisers offer generic merchandise, calendars, or even photos to their donors, SellCandy gives donors a product that they will look forward to receiving. From sweet full-size chocolates to sour gummies, we offer treats that everyone will love. Candy is something that will incentivize most people to donate without a second thought. 

It is also a product that is easy and quick to transport. All it takes is a phone call or online order, and 24 hours for our team members to ship our candy right to your doorstep so you can get started on your fundraiser.

traditional fundraiser

You can earn half of the profits. 

We recognize all of your efforts to launch the best fundraiser here at SellCandy, and that it is important to you and our organization. That’s why you can earn up to 50% of the profits and put it toward your cause.

SellCandy is not your traditional fundraiser. We offer an unforgettable experience that will leave a significant impact on our organization, fundraisers, and supporters, along with leaving everyone with some delicious candy to enjoy. 

Contact us today to get your fundraiser off the ground and running and to voice your questions, concerns and goals to our team members.

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