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What Kids Learn from an Elementary School Fundraiser Event

Elementary school fundraiser events are the best way to gather money for your children’s school. By raising money, your community’s children can benefit from a trip, optional classes or supplies which enhance the educational process. Most of the times, the school fundraising campaigns are coordinated by parents, but children are also involved in the events. They can learn a lot of things from playing an active part in the money-raising efforts.

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5 Emerging Trends in Candy Fundraising

Fundraisers have been a crucial practice for funding organizations and special events for decades. One of the most popular types of fundraisers are ones that focus on selling candy. Sweet, indulgent treats are enticing to people of all ages, making candy fundraising a widely successful tactic. While the basic premises of candy fundraising have essentially remained the same, consider these five emerging trends to make the most of your next candy fundraiser:

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