How Can My School Raise Thousands by Fundraising?

When you launch a fundraiser, you may only expect to earn a few hundred dollars or less. However, with the right fundraising solution, you can exceed well over a thousand dollars. 

Whether you are raising money for your school sports team, marching band, clubs, or organizations, you can meet your goals by following a few critical initiatives in the fundraising process. 

How Your School Can Raise Thousands Every Year 

If you are launching a fundraiser for your school, it is essential to aim high. Set a donation goal, even if it seems impossible. You will be surprised by how much you can raise by selling candy tins. 

Your school can raise thousands of dollars every year through SellCandy. Here are just a few simple ways to ensure that your fundraiser is successful: 

Choose Popular and Profitable Products: Candy is among the most popular and profitable fundraising items. Most of us are guilty of having a sweet tooth.

Get the Community Involved: Many people will be more than eager to donate to a fundraiser if they know their money will go toward a good cause. Getting your community members involved in your school fundraisers will guarantee successful results. 

Enlist the support of students and their parents. Distribute fundraising materials, including order forms and promotional materials, to families. You can even encourage friendly competition among students or classes to boost sales.

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Coordinate with Local Businesses: Partnering with local businesses your community members are well familiar with will enhance your fundraising efforts. Ask your businesses to display candy boxes at their checkout counters or sponsor specific aspects of the campaign. 

Use Social Media to Spread The Word About Your Fundraiser: Social media is utilized by nearly everyone nowadays and is a great method of promoting your fundraiser. Share images of specific candies, campaign updates, and success stories. 

Sell Your Candy in Bundled Packages: Not only are bundles easier to transport, but they contain a wide variety of delicious candies that all your donors will enjoy. Bundles can also provide added value for customers and increase average transaction amounts. 

Thankfully at SellCandy, we offer carry cases that include 12 tins of different candies. 

Express Gratitude to Donors: Make your donors know how much you appreciate their generosity. You can send thank-you notes, create acknowledgment boards, or feature contributors on your school’s website. The more appreciated donors feel, the more likely they are to donate again and encourage their friends and family to do so as well.

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Start Your School Fundraiser Today 

There are still a few months left in the school year. Contact us today to start the process of raising thousands of dollars for your school programs.

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