Fundraise With America’s Favorite Candy in a Tin!

SellCandy has helped organizations throughout America accomplish their fundraising goals for over two decades. Our brand-new fundraising program simplifies the entire process, making it almost effortless for your community to get involved and contribute to your cause.

Candy Fundraising Tins

Fundraising is easy with our beloved brands, all in convenient tins!

  • Gummy Bears
  • Shark Bites
  • Smarties
  • Sour Gummy Worms
  • and Katydids!
Katydids tin single

Getting Started is EASY!

Call us at 888-735-5226 or give us a few details below!


Ways to Fundraise

Traditional Sell-Sheet Fundraising

Two Easy Ways to Support Your Cause With Our Full-Color, Oversized Sell Sheets!

Raise money for your organization with our eye-catching brochures and easy-tear, oversized sell sheets and envelopes!

Traditional Mail-In
with Optional Secure Online Ordering

Sellers use the brochure as a selling tool, and an easy-to-use order management system.

Sellers then simply write each order on the form provided on the back of the brochure, tally the totals for each item on the tear-off sheet and return it to their school or organization.

Or sellers can use our simple and secure online ordering platform to enter their orders.

Secure Online Ordering

Sellers can also share the QR code featured on the brochure with supporters, sending them directly to our secure online order form.

Supporters can then make their candy selections and place their order directly, skipping the mail-in form.

America's Favorite Candy in a Tin brochure

Online – 100% Paperless Fundraising

Need to Run a Fundraiser but Can't Use Paper Sell Sheets?

Your organization can opt to use our 100% online system where you'll get your own online catalog and ordering website!

email icon

Sellers share their unique fundraising link with supporters. We even provide a kick-off email with simple instructions for supporters on how to buy.

money tracking

Sellers and organization administrators can easily track progress and continue promoting using our digital tools and resources.

profit check
Collect your profit check!

All orders ship directly to the individual supporters of your fundraiser!

SellCandy online login

How Much Money Can I Raise?

Up To 50% Profit!

football helmet

Athletic Groups

marching bands

School Bands

Tins Sold Profit
100 $500
250 $1250
500 $3250
1000 $6500
1250 $8125
1500 $9750
1750 $11375
2000 $13000
dancing shoes

Dance Teams


Academic Clubs

football helmet

Athletic Groups

marching bands

School Bands

dancing shoes

Dance Teams


Academic Clubs

school bus

Field Trips

drama masks

Drama Clubs


Religious Groups



Start Raising Money for Your Group or Organization Today!

Completing Your Fundraiser

At the end of your fundraiser, you can choose either bulk or pre-packaged shipping. Orders can be shipped in as little as 48 hours!