School Band Fundraising

Marching bands, choirs, and other music groups in elementary, middle, and high schools are often in need of financial support to sustain musical programs. A creative way to raise money for such school band expenses is to do a candy fundraiser.

Sell Candy Fundraising is an easy and effective school band fundraising idea that will help support your school’s band and musical programs. This kind of fundraiser is very easy for band members to execute – all they have to do is explain their mission to relatives, friends, and neighbors, ask them to buy their favorite candy bar, and let them know that their donation will go to a specific cause – new band uniforms or to cover fees for an upcoming band competition.

school band candy fundraiser

Candy bars have always been guaranteed money-makers, especially in elementary school fundraising. Did you know that 98% of families buy candy? Sell Candy has some of the sweetest and tasty candy bars and snacks that will not sit around a supporter’s house unused. Our well-known name brand candies include Hershey’s, Reese’s, Nestlé Crunch, M&M’s, Snickers, and Skittles… just to name a few! With interested candy buyers everywhere, you’ll make faster sales and more profit for your elementary school’s activities and events.


candy = money

With the Most Popular Name Brands of Candy and Quality Chocolates, Sell Candy Fundraising Will Help Fund:

  • Band concerts
  • Cover fees for band competitions
  • Travel costs for band camp and trips
  • New instruments
  • Tuning instruments
  • Instrument cabinets and lockers
  • Band uniforms
  • Music whiteboards
  • Music chairs, stands, and desks

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Sell Candy Fundraising Offers School Bands:

  • The most popular name brands of cookies, candy, and quality chocolates – various candies have been tried in order to come up with the perfect selection that will sell best
  • Assorted flavors for all tastes
  • All boxes of candy bars are compact, eye-catching and come with a sturdy handle for easy use
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The Importance of Band Fundraisers for Schools

Marching bands and color guards are the epicenter of school spirit and make many unforgettable memories for students. The marching band performs during homecoming, pep rallies and graduation ceremonies to get students excited, and there are plenty of band concerts that entertain students, parents, and faculty throughout the school year. A love of music and musical skills are instilled in students through band practice. These talents are just as important to the development of students as are academic skills, and they need to be supported. However, sometimes that is not easy to do without the appropriate funds. Thus, schools may need to work hard at fundraising efforts to raise money for the school band’s equipment so that students can have these opportunities. This kind of fundraising can also benefit students intellectually as they can learn valuable leadership and financial skills by taking charge to raise money for their school band program.