What Kids Learn from an Elementary School Fundraiser Event

Elementary school fundraiser events are the best way to gather money for your children’s school. By raising money, your community’s children can benefit from a trip, optional classes or supplies which enhance the educational process. Most of the times, the school fundraising campaigns are coordinated by parents, but children are also involved in the events. They can learn a lot of things from playing an active part in the money-raising efforts.

The best way to deal with an elementary school fundraiser is to buy fundraiser kits, which allow you to gather money quickly and stress-free. One single kit can bring you up to 50% profit, hassle-free. This enables you to focus on other areas of the fundraising event, like teaching the kids a couple of basic lessons about money.

Here are the main things children can learn from elementary school fundraisers.


It takes a group of people to sell all the candy bar cases. Our candy fundraiser enables the children to learn what teamwork is and provides them with practical experience at a younger age. As they work together, directed by their teacher or group leader, the kids will understand the value of teamwork. They will learn how to put aside their own goals in order to pursue the group’s goal, which, in this case, is selling as many kits as possible. Being part of a team teaches you how to cooperate with other people, which is going to help the child in the future, when they will have to work in a team, at their own job.

They Acquire a Set of Important Skills

When kids take part in the fundraising events, they can watch and begin to develop preliminary business skills from the adult fundraising support team. For example, when you involve the children in buying the elementary school fundraiser kits, they will be able to calculate how much money they need to reach their fundraising goal and establish how many kits they need to buy and sell, based on the revenue they get from them. This is only one of the many business skills children can learn when they are involved in every step of a fundraising event.

These skills will help them later in life, when they will have to do calculations and set their own financial goals, in order to achieve something. Establishing a budget can even help a teenager land their first part-time job.

Communicate the Organization’s Mission

When you choose which elementary school fundraiser kits to buy for your event, you have to choose according to the organization’s mission. For example, if your school is promoting a healthy living and aims to teach kids they need to eat a fruit as a snack, you will choose a fruit snack kit, like the Welch’s Fruit Snack Fundraiser, which is rich in vitamins.

When the teams involved in the money-raising event are going to sell the kits, they will promote the school’s mission, bringing it closer to the community’s mindset. Children will learn how their school helps the community and how they can play an active part in spreading the school’s mission.

Hard Work Pays Off

Probably the most important lessons you can teach is that hard work pays off. Most elementary school alumni don’t understand the value of a dollar until they have to work for it. This will enable them to know how hard it is to raise money, even if selling the contents of fundraiser kits is not a tough job.

When the fundraising event ends, the children are going to get the reward for all their work, which can be a trip, optional classes or another type of benefit.

Involving the children in your elementary school fundraiser is going to enrich their education with practical lessons, allowing them to gain valuable skills and precious memories.

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