Organize a Successful Cheerleader Fundraiser Event for Your School

Cheerleader fundraiser events are fun and dynamic, just like the girls who warm up the crowds and the sports teams. What started as a way to boost interest in sports evolved into a stand-alone sport itself. Cheerleading is not a simple task anymore – it now involves many acrobatic moves and lots of dedication from the girls who practice this sport and their parents. Cheerleaders also need funds to be able to compete against other teams and travel to different locations. This is why cheerleader fundraiser events are highly important for the group of cheerleaders. With one season costing on average $3,000, the girls need to raise money to stay competitive.

Because cheerleading is a sport, you can organize a sports event to raise money. Here are some tips on how to conduct a cheerleader fundraiser event.

Use What You Have

How can a team of cheerleaders raise money? By doing what they are best at, which is cheering. You can organize a show of cheerleading, dividing the team into two groups, which can challenge one another. Another option is to involve the local football team and organize a football game where the girls will offer entertainment. Either way, you can use the opportunity to sell cheerleader fundraiser kits. Because people will see the value of the girls, they will be open to donations.

Look for Sponsors

In addition to selling cheerleader fundraiser kits, you can look for sponsors for the event. A local business who wants to increase its brand awareness can promote their services or products in exchange for a contribution. You can also ask for products, as businesses find it easier to offer products instead of money.

Find the Right Location

Depending on the size of the event you are planning, you need a location. You should be able to use the local school’s gym for free or in exchange for a small fee, which can be retrieved from selling the cheerleader fundraiser kits. If you need a bigger space, contact the owner and negotiate a deal. They can sponsor the cheerleaders by offering a promotional discount or for free or in exchange for a show.

Have Enough Volunteers at Hand

When you organize a sports event to raise money for the cheerleaders, you will need volunteers to sell the cheerleader fundraiser kits and to advertise the event. The girls, who are usually extroverted and popular in the community, can promote the event in advance, both online and offline. However, during the event, they will be busy, so you need other people to carry on with the sales and other tasks.

You can recruit the volunteers from the local school and from the girl’s friends, by offering them free access to the “backstage” in exchange for their time and work.

Get Media Coverage

Sports events are very popular, so you can contact the local newspaper or television channel and ask them if they would want to cover the event. Most news stations are very open to local events, especially because many members of the staff were probably born and raised in the same community.

Apart from that, print flyers and ask the volunteers to spread them among the community. This is also an opportunity to sell fundraiser kits and promote the event.

Organizing sports events is not easy, as there are many logistic challenges, as well as financial issues. It’s very easy to get lost between You have to focus on your main goal, which is selling as many cheerleader fundraiser kits as possible, in order to reach your financial goal.

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