Fundraising for Nonprofits – A Successful Fund-Raising Strategy You Must Not Ignore

Sell Candy is your answer for the perfect non-profit fundraiser! We are here to provide you with a product and services. Let us help you start the ideal fundraiser for your non-profit organization. Here are some fundraising plans you don’t want to ignore:

#1: Lay the Foundation

Just before you hit the ground running, you need to lay the key foundation for the fundraising development plan. You need to do some research and gather as much vital information that will give you the understanding of Fundraising for nonprofits. Finding the answers to the basic questions of fundraising will guaranty a smoother planning procedure. Some of the questions you should find answers to are:

  1. How have you or your organization raise money in the past?
  2. What are your tactics and or events that have succeeded in the past and which ones have failed?
  3. How many donors do you presently have and how consistent are they?
  4. How much time did you devote to searching for more prospects?

#2: Building Your Consensus and Presenting a Proposal

The only way your non-profit organization can exist is when you get support from multiple sources. These multiple sources must include all indispensable groups such as board members, organization staff, donors, and advisers. You need to consider the opinions of all these stakeholders in order to create a vision for your fundraising events. You need to set up meetings with each group in order to ensure a consensus and positive direction to move forward with your candy bar fundraiser.

#3: Draft Your Plan

Now that you have laid the foundation and build rapport with all groups, your next line of action for a successful Fundraising for nonprofit is to draft your first plan. You need to ensure that your first draft plan is written by one person, this will reduce chances of errors, and likewise, having a team to write your first proposal may lead to a disjointed. Keep in mind that writing your first draft may take between 1 and 3 weeks, and this should depend on the complexity and size of the organization. Once your first and initial plan has been completed, then your team can fine-tune or refine the plan.

#4: Build Support

Once you’ve completed your candy bar fundraiser plan, you should commence building as much support within and outside your organization immediately. Support can come from a number of different groups. Staff and board members of the organization, external donors (in this case it would be your candy bar sales customers!) and anyone else involved, fall into the fundraiser support group. As we all know, everyone has a boss, so you will have to seek the approval from your organization’s board of directors. IMPORTANT: When persuading the board to support the candy bar fundraiser, make sure to emphasize on the large support system behind you and the precise planning & organization of the entire fundraising event. Without being said, they will also need to know the exact reasons for the fundraiser in the first place.

GUARANTEED FACT: Gaining the support from the board members will positively impact your non-profit candy bar fundraiser!!

#5: Time to Turn Up the Magic: Order Your Candy Fundraiser Cases

Fundraising for nonprofit is not complete without getting the fundraising kit. This kit is provided by reputable organizations who understand all the component elements needed by all fundraisers, especially in raising awareness and ensuring that the fundraising goes smoothly without hitches. The fundraising kit may vary in components depending on the type of fundraising you are organizing. Cookies, doughs, candies, banners, and stationeries are just a few of the common component found in fundraising kits.

By following the five steps highlighted above, your organization will be able to assure that your Fundraising for nonprofit plan touches all the components that will guaranty success of the fundraising event. Following these steps will also ensure that your fundraising plan receives all maximum inputs it deserves especially from all stakeholders. The end result will definitely be a sound plan that can be used continuously year-in, year-out. Leaving out any component of these steps can make your plan exposed to flaws that can eventually cost you a successful fundraising event. Please remember, you can reach out to your account’s Sell Candy Fundraising Genius anytime via email or by phone during regular business hours! Remember, our goal is to SURPASS your fundraising goals!

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