Fraternity Fundraisers – The Best Options for Raising Funds & Preparing for a Fundraiser

The next Fraternity Fundraiser should be a big one, hence you need to explore as many options as you can. Here are some of the best possible ways to generate funds for your next fraternity projects:

#1: Organize a Raffle

This type of Fraternity Fundraiser can make your year a memorable one. You need to organize a massive raffle and each member of the fraternity must endeavor to sell as many tickets as possible, and also raise awareness through massive campaigns. It makes a great sense if you can generate tickets worth $10,000 and spend a quarter of the profit on the prizes- this is definitely one of the coolest ways to raise funds.

#2: The Fraternity Room Decoration

You need to let people know what your fraternity stands for, therefore it is important to dedicate the rooms in the fraternity house. You may want to generate some funds by investing a little in making the rooms much more inviting so that invited guests can pay a little to use such rooms.

#3: Conduct a Recycling Program

Recycling is one of the best fraternity Fundraiser ideas you must consider. You can start a recycling program with virtually nothing, For instance, you can recycle cases of beer at less than a dollar and you can imagine how many of such beer cases you can recycle in a year. If you can fund-raise thousands of dollars for this program, you will definitely fund your fundraiser campaign easily.

#4: Install a Vending Machine

Installing a drink machine such as a vending machine in the fraternity house could generate some funds too, though it may not be as much as organizing a raffle or conducting a recycling program. Assuming the fraternity house sells 150 soda a month through the vending machine, it could generate up to 50$ or more in profit for the fraternity, a month. You need to make this a pledge at the beginning of the year.

#5: Organize a Basketball Tournament

You don’t expect to raise too much from a basketball tournament, except you can get as many as 20 teams to participate and buy the entry forms at affordable prices. The overall prize monies should be less than 20% of the entire funds you generate.

#6: Advertising on the Fraternity’s Website & Social Media Pages

perhaps the simplest and free way to organize Fraternity Fundraiser, is through the fraternity’s website. Adding lots of as to your fraternity website and social media pages may not generate as much cash as you wanted but it takes little or no effort to use. Even if throwing ads on your website generates few hundreds of dollars a year, it will definitely catch the attention of big spenders someday.

#7: Sell Thrash Bags

This idea may sound stupid but it remains a wonderful Fraternity Fundraiser option. You may want to sell such thrash bags at big occasions – for instance, you may want to sell them during those raining days because football fans who don’t have umbrellas will definitely want to buy them as a temporary protection. You may even print your Fraternity logo on such trash bags which is a free way of advertising the fraternity. You will be surprised that this Fraternity Fundraiser can net few hundreds of dollar within the shortest period of time.

There are several other Fraternity Fundraiser ideas one can consider, these include; selling beads at a Mardi Grass party, and organizing a designated fraternity driver program. It is very important to take note of the numerous spending, which may show up while preparing for such fundraising occasions.

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