5 Unique Candy Fundraising Ideas for the Holidays

Candy fundraisers are the perfect way to get people of all ages involved in your cause. Because everyone loves candy — and almost no one is too young or too old to enjoy it. Candy comes in all shapes and varieties, and its colors have a magical way of cheering up any event. Having a candy sale soon? Whether you are a school, a sports team or any other social group planning a fundraiser, here are some tried and proven candy fundraising ideas for the upcoming holidays.

1. Mix and Match Your Candies

It’s always a good idea to mix and match your candies to create some variety. While some people may have favorites, the value of a mixed pack is higher. People tend to pay more for a pack that has a mix of best-selling favorites, rather than just one type of candy.

2. E-Marketing Your Candies

Give your candy fundraiser a Facebook page, and update it with pictures that will make viewers hungry for candy! Leading up to the holidays, you can generate posts that make people feel nostalgic. Some ideas for digital marketing are: asking your readers what their favorite candy memories are, or asking those who purchased your candies to post pictures of themselves eating it. Don’t forget to come up with a catchy hashtag to get more people talking about your candy fundraiser.

3. Come up With a Candy-Making Box

Some folks like buying DIY packs of food. So here’s a fun fundraising idea: If you put the candy and cooking ingredients together in boxes, then you can market your candies as a DIY purchase. Include instructions for the candy assembling, and encourage people to take pictures of the final product after they make it. This can contribute to your social media PR for the candy fundraising project. Getting your buyers involved with the creative process is a unique way to sell more packages. It’s especially popular during the holidays, as people can then gift their creations to others. They get to pay it forward!

4. Sell Personalized Candy

If you partner up with a company who can personalize your candy and lollipops, they’ll be a bestseller. The nicely wrapped candy bars can also have the logo of the charity you are supporting, or the school’s logo, for example. This way, you get your brand out to a wider audience. Remember to work with candy companies who already have a good reputation. When you partner with another company, it can make or break your sales. Do some research before deciding to work with any other candy company for profit, or for non-profit. Some companies may even be able to help with your search engine optimization strategy to maximize your fundraising success.

5. Plan a Costume Candy Party for the Fundraising Event

With the holidays coming up, most everyone is in a festive mood and game to try some dressing up. Why not make a whole festive event out of it and ask people to come dressed as candy-themed characters? Think Willy Wonka, Santa’s Lollipop-making elves or giant candy canes. Make a point to prioritize the fun and festivity during your event and chances are you’ll be sold out by the end of the night. In case anyone comes without a costume, they can then buy candy at the entrance of the party to make a costume. Offer them creative ideas such as candy masks, walking candies, etc. Then they have no choice but to purchase your product!

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