5 Tips to Increase School Fundraiser Sales

School fundraiser events are all about selling as many products as possible, in order to raise the money your school needs for its new projects. From choosing the candy kit you want to use in the fundraiser, to teach everyone involved how to sell their entire case, since a school candy bar fundraiser is a team effort. Here are some tips to help you sell more fundraiser kits and make the event a successful one for your community.

#1: Advertise the Fundraiser

Before you begin to sell the school candy fundraiser selections, you should start advertising to the community first. A successful campaign has a catchy slogan and a theme. You also want to show everyone WHY you need the money. There is no reason to ever be embarrassed for having a fundraiser, there are many benefits and it drives up community engagement. There should always be someone from your organization designated to advertise the fundraiser and get the word out!

Local newspapers, newsletters and fundraising signs in local businesses are always great opportunities to advertise your new fundraiser. Include the prices of the products and a short description of your goal. It’s always a great idea to involve the children and the teachers in the fundraiser, asking them to create the promotional materials in art classes or write ads in the school’s newspaper.

#2: Try Something New

Using the same product over and over again for the school fundraiser is going to put people off. Try to sell something new from time to time. For example, if you’ve used our Just Chocolate fundraiser selection for your last event, go for the Mixed Variety or Sweet Nā€™ Sour fundraiser selection this time. You can also choose two fundraiser kits in your campaign, offering variety, which can make people buy more items.

#3: Choose Your Timing Carefully

Most schools organize their fundraisers according to their needs or stick with the same time of the year. A great strategy to sell more fundraiser kits is to change the timing of the event. Christmas time is always a right moment to appeal to people’s hearts, for example. You can also coordinate the fundraiser with big events, like the Super Bowl, when people are prone to buy more snacks.

#4: How to Attract the Kids

A key part of your school fundraiser event is involving the kids. A good way to attract kids to the event is to offer them rewards for selling a fixed number of items or for promoting the campaign to a number of potential clients. You can also offer multiple rewards for a number of milestones. For example, when they sell 50 items the child receives a fidget spinner and when they sell 100, they receive a cash prize.

You can also offer special privileges for the kids who sell the most items, allowing them to play the principal for a day, for example.

You can also offer prizes for the top-selling class, which will motivate multiple classes to sell as much as they can, in order to receive the reward. By doing this, you involve the children in the school fundraiser and you offer them an opportunity to see that hard work is rewarded.

#5: Be Creative with Your Sales Strategy

In order to sell effectively, you need to create a feeling of emergency, which motivates the person in front of you to act right now and buy. This is a highly popular tactic in the retail business, which can be adapted to fundraisers. Instead of simply sending messages to parents, send the kids to their workplaces. A child who is selling school fundraiser kits to raise money for a trip or a dance class is going to make people buy. They do it because they see the beneficiary ā€“ the child ā€“ and because it’s easy to spare a couple of bucks right now, on something that will add value to the community in the future.

A little planning is everything you need in order to conduct a successful school fundraiser campaign and achieve your goals.

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